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Crochet cover of small Cermer clay pots – Free pattern

Posted on Friday November 8th, 2013 at 05:30 PM in Crochet | 0 comments

Gehaekelte Abdeckung von kleinen Cermer Tontöpfen– Crochet cover of small cermer clay pots

Some time ago I have been given some beautiful little clay pots. These pots are made in France by the company Cermer and are used as yogurt jars. They are made from clay and manufactured in many colors. The Pots are made to reuse them and therefore, I soon had the idea to crochet covers. You’ll find the free pattern for the crochet cover of small Cermer clay pots at the end of this article.

Crochet cover of small cermer clay pots

Crochet cover of small cermer clay pots macro shot

However, the way to the finished crochet pattern was relatively complicated. The cover should fit the vessel, which was for me to develop a simple, yet refined pattern that was quick to crochet and of course had to fit on the pots. After many attempts, I designed these tops. The yarn used is Catania Grande and I crocheted a set with 3 colors.

The covers (with the pots of course) are a really good gift and I use them as beautiful storage option for small objects.

You find the written pattern with crochet chart and stitch key in this free PDF file: Crochet cover of small cermer clay potsn



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