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Granny Square Kinder Surprise Rattle for babies- a free pattern

Posted on Tuesday October 27th, 2015 at 06:00 PM in Crochet | 0 comments

Drei Granny Square Rasseln - Three granny square rattles

Granny Squares are really nothing new. However, there are many modern versions and unexpected uses of the classic pattern. This Granny Square Kinder Surprise Rattle for babies is one of them.

For the Granny Square rattle you need a total of three crochet squares and two granny circles. The pattern looks like the traditional Granny Square but has a slightly different pattern, consisting of half double crochet (hdc) meshes. I crocheted the Kinder Surprise Rattle with trendy colors which are appealing to children.

Inside this Granny Square rattle I put one of those yellow plastic cans, which can be found in Kinder Surprise eggs. You can fill it with little things e.g. dried lentils, beans or rice.

You find the english pattern with crochet chart in this free PDF file: Granny Square Kinder Surprise Rattle

In the file you can find the instructions to the Surprise rattle, consisting entirely of crochet squares. I like this version very much, but I designed an alternative. A striped rattle with two granny circles on each side. You can find it in the PDF file too.

Gehäkelte Baby Überraschungsei Rassel - Crocheted baby Kinder Surprise rattle

Crocheted baby Kinder Surprise rattle, round Granny with stripes

A crocheted baby rattle made of recycled Kinder Surprise eggs and a traditional crochet pattern. This is something special, but I will not stop there. I have one, two more ideas, what to do with Granny Squares. Of course, regarding to the new topic: Crocheted Baby Stuff: toys, decorations for the nursery and useful objects. I hope you like this Granny Square Rattle and you are looking forward to the next crochet pattern.

Granny Square Überraschungsei Rassel - Granny square Kinder Surprise rattle

Crochet Granny square Kinder Surprise rattle



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