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Small Squares to organize Crochet Projects

Posted on Tuesday September 20th, 2016 at 05:00 PM in Crochet | 0 comments

Farbquadrate mit bewährten Farbkombinationen - Color squares with tried and tested color combinations

A long time ago, in 2013, I showed you how I organize my yarn. I use small crocheted squares to keep track of the different colors. The article Crochet Squares to compare colors is popular to this day. The idea was taken up by others and expanded. Check out once the great project ideas on ravelry.

Today I want to show you another way to use this small crochet squares to organize your crochet projects.

Kleine Quadrate um Garnfarben zu vergleichen - Small squares to compare yarn colors

Crochet squares to compare colors

I sometimes forget good color combinations. As soon as I give the crocheted object away, I already forgot what colors I have used. Sure, you can say now, I should have photographed it. That would be an idea, but the photos are not always at hand.

For me, these tiny color squares have proved their worth. They are handy and can be kept together with the yarn. When I finish a project I crochet a small keepsake. This way I capture particularly good color combinations and can use them in a new project.

Vier Häkelquadrate mit guten Farbkombinationen - Four crochet squares with good color combinations

Four crochet squares with good color combinations

I often use only two or three different colors on a crochet project and if I like them I make an additional crochet square to secure those tried and tested color combination for the future. Although I do not crochet them for a very long time I consulted the square collection several times and was inspired by them.

The pattern you will find here has the same content as it had then. However, it has been updated and the free PDF file now consists of a written pattern with crochet chart and an explanation of the various options to use them:
Small Squares to organize Crochet Projects

Verschiedene Rot Schattierungen - Different shades of red

Different shades of red

This too is beautiful. I love to place the color shades in the different yarns together. That’s eye candy. What do you think? Would you use the small squares as keepsakes? Do you have other exciting ideas? How do you remember good color combinations? Tell me about it.

Farbquadrate mit bewährten Farbkombinationen - Color squares with tried and tested color combinations

Crochet squares to combine colors



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