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Pompom Crochet Coaster – a free pattern

Posted on Friday September 12th, 2014 at 05:00 PM in Crochet | 3 comments

Blaue Pompom Häkeluntersetzer - Blue Pompom Crochet Coaster

As already announced, I would like to introduce you to the Popom Crochet Coaster in this article. The coaster is the latest free pattern I want to make available to you.

I had the idea for the Pompom Crochet Coaster a few months ago when I discovered a tutorial for a Pompom-Edge. Previously, I had never seen anything like this. Since this edge does not fit to my Entrelac Baby Blanket, I had to consider an alternative application of this technique. At that time I needed a coaster for my coffee table, so the first Pompom Coaster was crocheted quickly.

However, I did not stop at first attempt. In the beginning the pompoms were too big and the center of the coasters was not sophisticated enough. So I experimented for several weeks, until I was finally happy.

Pompom Crochet Coaster close up

Pompom Crochet Coaster close up of the center

For the two sets of Pompom Crochet Coasters I’ve worked with two different color themes. One consists of green, the other of blue hues. I like the coaster with the green colors best. The variety of green shades between the beige center and edge looks beautiful.

The Pompom Crochet Coaster can be used with different sized glasses. But there are more ways to use them. I could well imagine them on a canvas, as a dream catcher over the bed or as a decoration in the window. With the correct colors (for example red and white) they might be used as coaster for the Christmas table or as small gifts for friends and relatives.

I really have enjoyed working on the Pompom Crochet Coasters. Accordingly I wanted the pattern to be something special. It soon became clear to me that many detailed images were needed for this tutorial. Especially since the explanations for the Pompom-Edge without step-by-step pictures would have been quite difficult to understand.

You find the english pattern with crochet chart and step-by-step pictures in this free PDF file: Pompom Crochet Coaster.

The following collage might give an impression of ​​how detailed the step-by-step photographs are.

Pompom Crochet Coaster step-by-step

Pompom Crochet Coaster step-by-step collage

Creating the free pattern for the Pompom Crochet Coaster was really time consuming and difficult. Your opinion is therefore very important to me. Was it worth it? What would you have done differently? What do you think about the instructions: are they easy to understand, or are there any questions? Oh and how do you like the idea for the Pompom Coasters at all?

I’m really looking forward to your comments!

 Crochet Pompom close up

Pompom Crochet Coaster close up of the boarder


  1. Love love love, plus these would be great ornaments if stiffened! Great to see you again on craft schooling Sunday! (and by the way, I made a project using that pom pom technique at the end of last winter, and never got around to sharing it, so stay tuned!)

    • Great! I’ll stay tuned 😉 and I’m really happy that you like the coasters!

  2. What a lovely pattern, thanks for sharing it!


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