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Appliques on index cards for the sale, storage and as business cards

Posted on Saturday July 27th, 2013 at 09:20 AM in Crochet | 0 comments

Applikationen auf Karteikarten beim Verkauf - appliques on index cards for sale

Applications over applications. Slowly, the number of appliques increases and I think about to give them away or sell them. Therefore, I have found a way to facilitate the sale. The appliques are attached on index cards and the cards seem to be a small frame for each of them.

Schildkröten Applikation auf Karteikarte - turtle applique on index card

Turtle applique on index card: convenient for the sale, storage and as a business card

On simple white index cards, the applications are secured. Prick  with a long needle two holes closely together. Through these holes, yarn or wire is put through to the other side and there the two ends are knotted or twisted. For me, thin silver wire has proven to be better then yarn. Finally put a logo or a stamp on the cards, in this way they are usefull as businesscards, too.

But not only for sale and as business cards the appliques on index cards are useful. It also facilitates the storage of the applications. The appliques on index cards can be given into a carton or a box and they preserve its original form.

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