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Crochet Baby Toys and Accessories – What do I need ?

Posted on Tuesday January 12th, 2016 at 06:00 PM in Crochet | 0 comments

Collage Material

Of course, many things for crocheted Baby Stuff can be improvised. But I’ll crochet a lot of baby toys and accessoires in the near future and I have decided to invest a little money. In this article I will review some materials I bought. You’ll find my first impressions and you’ll might guess what I have planned. Please tell me in the comments if you have good or bad experiences with this and other baby craft supplies.


First I want to show you my Favourite. This flat squeaky thing is about 2 inch in diameter and I think it’s great. The sound is produced by squeezing it together. The Squeaker is quite noisy, which can be regarded as annoying. However, for small children it is important that their actions have a reaction. They can experience this with this simple toy. There will be no continuous sound but a short noise that is exciting and certainly must be repeated. I’m not quite sure at what age babies and toddlers actually perceive this Squeaker as a toy. It’s interesting at an early age, but may be a little too loud for some characters. With about ten months children have developed the necessary strength to squeeze the Squeaker. I already have several ideas for crochet projects with this material.

Quitscher für Baby Spielzeug - Squeaker for baby toys

Squeaker for baby toys 2 inches

Rattle ball

Small but impressive! The small rattling bead of about 0,4 inch in diameter has a beautiful, high and pleasant sound. Its tone absorbs quickly the attention of babies without frightening them, and therefore can be used as a craft material even for small children. I can imagine it as the center of a rattling crochet cube or ball. Also it is certainly a great element for a chain over the stroller or crib. The exciting ringing sound of this rattle ball is interesting, so it’ll be used again and again. I am already looking forward to use it.

Runder Rassel Ball - Round rattle ball

Round rattle ball, 0,4 inch diameter

Mobile half wooden ring

The next accessory that I want to show you is a wooden half ring for crib mobiles. From the beginning I was very skeptical and so far I’m still not entirely convinced. The material itself keeps its promises. A bow with three holes. You can attach two elements to it and a strap to secure the wooden half rings. It can be used over a crib or a stroller, but it’s really unspectacular. Maybe I’ll find a pretty use.

Einfacher Mobile Bogen - Simple baby mobile part

Simple baby mobile part for two components

Pacifier Clip

A pacifier clip is essential once the baby or toddler uses a pacifier. I think it’s part of the basic baby equipment. They are available in a variety of colors and shapes. As long as the pacifier clip works and poses no risk of injury, there’s a lot to choose from. For my pacifier chains I use simple round pacifier clips. It’s a basic material I really like. The round pacifier clip goes well with crochet pacifier chains, because it does not draw too much attention to itself and the self-made crochet item is in the foreground.

The pacifier clip is used in this crochet project: Crochet Granny Square Pacifier Chain

Schnullerkette mit rundem Clip - Pacifier chain with round Dummy Clip

Turqoise Pacifier chain with round Dummy Clip

Rattle disc insert

The last bought equipment for my crochet Baby Stuff is this round rattle insert. It is 1.5 inch in diameter, has a very simple design and the possibilities for crochet projects are endless. Twice crocheted, almost every round crochet motif can be used to create a beautiful homemade rattle. I think I will show you several versions over time because I like this rattle disc insert a lot. The sound of the rattle is pleasant, ringing, during which the volume varies, depending on how it is shaken. You can crochet wonderful little gifts.

The rattle disc insert is used in this crochet project: Round ‘Granny Square’ Rattle

Rasseldose - Round noise maker insert

Round noise maker insert 1,5 inch diameter

Kinder Surprise

The only recycled material I use for my baby toys are those yellow plastic cans, which can be found in Kinder Surprise eggs. You can fill it with little things e.g. dried lentils, beans or rice. The different rattling sounds are great. They are really cheap considering that they are great craft materials and come with chocolate and a little surprise. In the US they are probably hard to come by, since the classic Kinder Surprise is not sold there (as far as I know). Is there something similar in the US?

The yellow Kinder Surprise plastic egg is used in this crochet project: Granny Square Kinder Surprise Rattle for babies

Baby Spielzeug Zubehör - Baby Toys equipment

Baby Toy equipment I used



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