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Flower stems

Posted on Sunday April 5th, 2015 at 07:15 PM in Crochet | 0 comments

Kleine gehäkelte Rose mit geflochtenem Band - Small crochet rose with braided ribbon

Over the past few weeks I have published several instructions for crochet flowers. But a small blossom alone can be rather unspectacular. Therefore, I will show you in this article, what have I done with my crocheted flowers.

The sewn-in flower stem:

This is the most natural way to use a crocheted flower. The stem can be made of various materials such as cord, velvet ribbon, wire, braided yarn. The stem is put through the center of the flower and knotted decoratively. After that, everything is fixed with a pin and sewn together.

The bouquet:

For this variation, multiple flowers with stems are needed. The flower heads are placed tightly together and directly below them another band is wrapped around the stems several times. After the ribbon is knotted you can pull it through the winding or hide the ends under it. Most importantly, run this wire in the back of the flower through a mesh and secure it with a wire loop.

Wire frame for a vase:

With a solid wire and a little skill you can create a wire frame to put the flowers in a vase. If it is still too shaky , I use additional hot glue.

Decorative flowers in a pot:

With little material one can achieve a beautiful result. You need a small flower pot, a little filling material, multiple small stones, a short branch and some hot glue. With the glue you attach a flower on top of the branch, which is then inserted into the flower pot. The flower pot must then be filled with filling material and stones so that the branch stands steady.

Multiple flowers on a ribbon:

With lots of crochet flowers one can decorate an entire ribbon, which then can be draped around different objects. The easiest way is to attach the flowers with hot glue on a printed ribbon. For a slightly more complex variation, a cord is folded and passed through the center of a crochet flower. This is then knotted and forms the center of the flower.

These are five creative suggestions for further use of crochet blossoms. I will summarize these ideas as an instuction. It will be part of a little e-book, in which all crochet flower patterns of the last few weeks will be covered.

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