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Crochet Art Calendar 2014

Posted on Friday November 15th, 2013 at 05:00 PM in Crochet | 11 comments

Crochet Art Calendar 2014

Today I want to show you a long-cherished project: The free Crochet Art Calendar 2014 with fourteen photos of crocheted objects. This calendar was created in the course of several weeks, which were filled with planning, photographing, researching and editing. The result is a great photo calendar. The Crochet Art Calendar 2014 shows various photographs of my favorite hobby. There are several applications, exciting fabrics and dimensional objects on the photos.

I did create the calendar originally for personal use. But after some thought I’ve decided to provide it for free.

There are two versions of the photo calendar. A German version “Häkel-Kalender 2014” (the week starts on Monday), and the English version of the “Crochet Art Calendar 2014” whose first day of the week is Sunday.

These calendar pages are available in the English version of the Crochet Art Calendar 2014:

Collage of all pages of the Crochet Art Calendar 2014

Collage of all pages of the free Photo Crochet Art Calendar 2014

The pictures of the Crochet Art Calendar 2014 are optimized to be developed or printed in A4 format (8.2 x 11.6 inch) . I myself use the developed pages of the calendar in a simple black frame.

It is also possible to use single pages of the Crochet Art Calendar 2014 as desktop wallpapers. Depending on the screen size the calendar sheets fit more or less well.


Here you will find the download link for the English version of the calendar: Crochet Art Calendar 2014

Note: I have changed the download due to the high traffic. It is now possible via flikr and flickandshare. There are are many ways of downloads available, I hope that it’ll work well.

This Crochet Art Calendar 2014 is free for you. You can use it yourself or give it to your friends (maybe as a christmas present). It may however not be sold. Please read the license details:

Feel free to leave a comment. I put a lot of work into the Crochet Art Calendar 2014 and I would really like to know what you think of it and what ideas you might have – after all, I already plan the calendar for 2015.

Information about the shown objects

All crochet objects I crocheted myself. Of several I’ve written and published instructions. Some of them have been created after patterns by talented artists, or had no pattern. For further details check the following list

Cover: Entrelac baby blanket

January: Starburst Hotpad pattern by Loretta Schepp

February: Alarm clock

March: Motif 118 of the book “Beyond the square – Crochet Motifs” by Edi Eckman

April: Modern heart applique

May: Cover of cermer clay pots

June: Entrelac baby blanket

July: Neon green motif motif (without pattern)

August: Turtle applique

September: Super simple crochet flower

October: A piece of doubleface crochet

November: Rose, after a model by erdbeerdiamant

December: Small star doily (without pattern)

License: Pincushion for cermer clay pots (without pattern)


  1. Thanks so much! This is awesome!!

  2. This is so gorgeous! And so generous to offer it for free. Beautiful creation!

  3. What a wonderful gift you have given us!!! Thank you for sharing your time and talents with us.

  4. What BEAUTIFUL pictures. However I’m unable to download it; get an error message that my PC cannot read the file. Any ideas?

    • The calendar is a .zip file. Maybe you don’t have a program to open it. You may search for one – there are several free options. Like 7zip for Windows…

  5. Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for doing all this hard work. p.s. I like your first name 🙂

  6. Thankyou so much, it’s gorgeous, I can’t wait to download and print it, ( I have to buy more ink) so will have to wait a bit 🙁
    I hope you have a fantastic 2014


  7. What a terrific thing for Carmen to do for all who love to crochet beautiful items. Thanks so much Carmen. laurie

  8. This is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you so much for sharing.

  9. HELP. Safari won’t let me download. What am I doing wrong on my iPad?

    • Hi Dee
      I changed the type of download – I hope it works now 🙂


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