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The Entrelac Baby Blanket is finished! The result of a long-term project

Posted on Tuesday October 6th, 2015 at 05:00 PM in Crochet | 2 comments

Entrelac Baby Decke und Blumenkissen - Entrelac Baby Blanket and Flower Pillow

October 2013 I told you about the Entrelac Baby Blanket. At that time I had just started and I was in no hurry. The intended time frame was two to three years.

Why did I plan for so much time? I soon get bored in projects like this and I wanted to put a lot of love in it. I hope someday it will be used. Now the Entrelac Baby Blanket is actually finished. In between I had a break of approximately 5 months. After that I was sure that the border should be green. It has taken a while until I could decide on the shape of the edge. The small spikes are simple and yet playful.

Rand der Babydecke - Border of the baby blanket

Border of the baby blanket pointy and green

I’m really proud of the result. The baby blanket feels very pleasant and the colors go well together. With the leftover yarn I crocheted a little flower cushion. The pattern is from Lucy from Attic24. The pillow looks great even with all the different leftovers I used. The lower part is crocheted without petals and I improvised a simple fastener you can see in the pictures.

What happens next? So far I have not planned any further long-term project, but soon begins a new series of articles with brand new free patterns. Subject is crocheted Baby Stuff: toys, decoration for the nursery and also practical objects.

I can not wait to show you on what I was just working quietly for some time now. I hope you will like it as much as I do. I look forward to your comments!

Entrelac Babydecke mit Kissen - Entrelac baby blanked with cushion

Colorful Entrelac baby blanked with cushion


  1. Deine Decke ist ein Traum!!!! Kannst du mir sagen welche Wolle du genommen hast und wie viel? Vielen dank

    • Na so was … Liebe Susanne, gerade habe ich meinen Häkelkorb durchsucht, im Internet recherchiert und die Antwort ist dennoch unbefriedigend. Ich kann Dir wirklich nicht mehr sagen, wie die Wolle hieß. Ich weiß, dass es ein sehr weiches, buntes Baumwollgarn war. Es war im Ausverkauf und daher war es auch eine ungerade Anzahl an Knäul. Etwa 23 wenn ich mich richtig erinnere. Ein Knäul reichte für je zwei Reihen. Hoffentlich konnte ich Dir helfen!

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