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Sixth paradise flower pattern

Posted on Saturday August 18th, 2012 at 07:40 AM in Crochet | 3 comments

Die sechste gehäkelte Paradiesblume - sixth crocheted paradise flower

This is the last paradise flower, it looks familiar, the shape is similar to the first and third flower pattern. However this one is done with sc rows. So the pentals look solid and the chain rows in the back are like fragile leaves.

Note: Crochet rings with a diameter of 26 mm (1,02 inch) are the basis for the paradise flowers. The prescribed number of sc in one of those rings can be replaced with the same number of dc in a magic ring.

The instructions as PDF: The sixth crocheted paradise flower

P.s: On wednesday there’ll be a surprise!


  1. These are amazingly beautiful !:)
    My Mom used to be similar flowers…

  2. These flowers are very beautiful! And so are the images 🙂
    How do you take such bright and clear pictures ?

    • Thanks! I took the pictures inside of my light cube – that’s really an improvment.

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