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E-Book: Multiple Crochet Flowers

Posted on Tuesday April 14th, 2015 at 05:00 PM in Crochet | 3 comments

Collage mit sechs Bildern - Collage with six images

My new eBook Multiple Crochet Flowers is now available for free download. I had much pleasure in designing the crochet patterns for the flowers that I have published on MyCrochetProjects in the past few weeks.

These include small roses, lilies with seven petals, the application Joyful Crochet Flower, a three-dimensional Futuristic Flower, several small blossoms on a twine and an instructions for a Doily with floral center. In addition, I have shown you in an article how I make flower stems.
All these patterns are available individually, but here I would like to offer you the opportunity to download all instructions in one document.

In this eBook Multiple Crochet Flowers you’ll find all these free crochet patterns with explaining images and further information:
Multiple Crochet Flowers; an eBook with six patterns.

The work on the subject Crochet Flower was a lot of fun. I was surprised about the many options it provides. I am thinking about designing another set of instructions. Got a suggestion for me? I am always happy about comments!

Vertical collage with six images

Vertical collage with six images of crochet blossoms



  1. Thank you so much for this lovely flower e-book!!!!

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