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How to write a crochet pattern – a short tutorial

Posted on Thursday September 1st, 2016 at 05:00 PM in Crochet | 6 comments

Finaler Entwurf einer Häkelanleitung - Final draft of a crochet pattern

Have you ever wondered how to create a crochet pattern? In this article you’ll find an answer to this question. It is my personal approach and it is extendable and adjustable. This way to design a crochet pattern fits me. Read the little tutorial and then decide for yourself whether it might also suit you.

Erster Entwurf einer Häkelanleitung - First draft of a crochet pattern

First draft of a crochet pattern

Since 2012 I have created crochet patterns and over the years the following workflow has been the best way. It’s fun and and I benefit from it. The ideas aren’t lost and forgotton in a notebook. They are well ordered and stored on my computer and on this blog. There I can look at the patterns again and you are able to download them.

How to write a crochet pattern

1. The idea

You start with an idea. Have you seen something that inspired you to design something unique? Do you need a crochet pattern and can’t find any? Great. This is your idea. Now you can start.

2. Sketch and first crochet chart

The second step goes hand in hand with the first. You need a notebook and a pencil. Now try to make a sketch of your crochet object. For that you don’t need a talent for drawing. A rough contour is enough, sometimes I decribe my projects just with words. Now your idea is noted and it can’t disappear. If the idea is an applique or a crochet square I try to figure out the stitches and put down the first version of a crochet chart. This will change often so you need an eraser, too.

3. Crochet, crochet, crochet …

Grab your crochet hook. Now we can try, what’s on our minds. I love this step. I follow the first crochet chart or jot down the first draft while crocheting. Try, write, unravel the fabric, try again and correct the draft. It takes a certain amount of time until you reach the goal but a finished design is a great result.

Eine Häkelanleitung entwerfen und ausprobieren - Design a crochet pattern and try it out

Design a crochet pattern and try it out

4. The final draft

I added this step about a year ago, but for me it is essential. Although the last crochet chart and the last notes have produced the desired result there are still minor flaws in it. To avoid this and to check everything again, I crochet the object once again. Take a pen and start a new page in your notebook to write down a fair copy.

Perhaps your pattern is finished after this final draft. I like to save my patterns on the computer and publish them on this blog, therefore I need two additional steps.

5. Digitizing

My crochet patterns usually consist of a crochet chart and written instructions in English and German. I put the text and the images together in a text editor. I use LibreOffice. Most likely it does not matter which one you use. All standard programs should make it possible, but I think a PDF export function is important.

Until I found the right software for digitizing crochet charts, it took a while. For a long time I have used the image editor Gimp. That worked, but was a bit inconvenient. For some time now there is an open source project of a software, that has been previously sold and now it’s available as free download (read about it here). The Stitch Works Software works fine for me and it can create great-looking crochet charts.

Digitizing the patterns can take several hours and it also consists of several steps. I take photos of the crocheted item, make the a crochet chart and write the written instructions. I’m quite a perfectionist and try to write as understandable as possible. My goal is to provide a good instruction that everyone understands.

6. And once again crocheting …

A good crochet pattern is correct and errors while digitizing are a pity, but they happen. Therefore the finished design should be crocheted once again.

This way you can create your own crochet pattern. I hope you like this short tutorial and I helped you a little. Writing crochet patterns is work, but also a lot of fun. I’ll hope you have great results! If you have questions, feel free to ask them in the comments. I’ll answer as best I can!

Finaler Entwurf einer Häkelanleitung - Final draft of a crochet pattern

How to write a crochet pattern


  1. Hey, super und danke für die Anleitung!
    Wie verhält sich das mit 3D-Objekten?

    LG Sani

    • Hi Sani,
      Mit 3D-Objekten ist es nicht viel anders. Ich notiere mir jede Reihe als eigene Zeile und gerade den Anfang zeichne ich mir auch oft auf. Diese schwierigeren Stellen findest Du auch in meinen Anleitungen dann digitalisiert – aber das ist natürlich nicht umbedingt notwendig. Dann ist die fertige Anleitung natürlich textlastiger. Meistens versuche ich sowohl Text als auch Grafik einzufügen.
      Hat Dir das geholfen?
      Liebe Grüße

  2. Hallo,
    Ich habe mir auch die Software zum digitalisieren runter geladen.
    Leider bin ich dem englischen nicht so mächtig… Gibt’s da vielleicht auch eine deutsche Version? Hast du da einen Tipp?

    • Hi Dana,
      Leider kann ich dir damit nicht weiterhelfen. Ich habe mir damals die Software “durchgeklickt” und so gelernt damit umzugehen. Ich würde dir empfehlen nach Tutorials zu suchen oder nach Videos – auch wenn die Englisch sind ist das oft hilfreich, da man sieht welche Schritte wie gemacht werden.
      Liebe Grüße

  3. Wenn ich lediglich ein Zählmuster selbst erstellen will, wie geh ich da vor? Möchte gern ein Meerschweinchen machen, davon gibt es im Netz leider nicht so viele, würde gern verschiedene Tischdecken oder Gardinen mit größeren oder auch kleineren Meerschweinchen machen, also filet häkeln.

    • Hi Inken, leider kenne ich mich mit Filet Mustern nicht aus. Intuitiv würde ich wahrscheinlich Karopapier nutzen? Was meinst du?


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