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A neon green crochet cow

Posted on Friday August 1st, 2014 at 05:00 PM in Crochet | 0 comments

Gehäkelte Kuh auf Moos - Crochet cow on moss

Are there any neon green cows? Not really, but my crochet cow is neon green. It is a bit different than regular cows – perhaps a moon-calf or a relative of the violet Milka Cow? Anyway, a crazy variation.

The neon green crochet cow is my version of a pattern by NeedleNoodles named cow tipping. I liked this project very much, because I needed only about four hours and the result is quite nice. The pattern is simple and easy to understand.

Portrait einer gehäkelten Kuh - Portrait of a crochet cow

The black and white portrait of a crochet cow

My crocheted cow is not big, it is about 5cm long, 4cm high and 3cm wide. This is because it has been made with thin crochet thread and a needle thickness of 1.25mm. I like it when the crocheted figures are quite small. They are decorative, and if I’d like to make a larger stuffed animal they are a smaller model for me.

After a photo shoot in the woods I placed the neongreen crochet cow onto the bookshelf, it sits there with my crochet owl and watches me crocheting.

Neon Green Crochet Cow

A neon green crochet cow.



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