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Simple Crochet Baby Teething Ring – a free pattern

Posted on Tuesday October 13th, 2015 at 06:00 PM in Crochet | 0 comments

Gehäkelter Zahnring / Greifling - Crochet Teething Ring / Grip ring

I am pleased to announce the first article of a new theme on mycrochetprojects – Crocheted Baby Stuff: toys, decorations for the nursery and useful objects. This item is a little baby toy: A Simple Crochet Baby Teething Ring with three ribbons.

A Teething ring is one of the first toys with which children can play. This simple crocheted grasp toy could thus be the first beloved child’s toy. Maybe you crochet it for your child, grandchild or the baby of a good friend. In any case, the color choice is entirely up to you. I crocheted a pink Teething Ring and a another one in yellow with light blue ribbons. Lovely is this Christmas version made of green and purple yarn with red ribbons.

Zwei weihnachtliche gehäkelte Greiflinge - Two christmassy teething rings

Two christmassy teething rings with red ribbons

This simple crocheted Teething ring consists of a wooden ring with 2 inch diameter, three ribbons and a crocheted piece of fabric. Due to the various materials this nursing toy is interesting for small children and good for their sensory development.

You find the english pattern with step-by-step pictures in this free PDF file: Simple Crochet Teething Ring.

Babies explore different surfaces with everything. Hands, feet and of course with the mouth. Therefore, the materials for the Teething ring and especially the wooden ring have to be saliva-proof. The wool and the ribbons should be baby-safe and the finished grip ring should be washed before first use.

I would like to create Baby Items for some time. Therefore I am very happy about your comments. For whom do you crochet these baby toys and accessories? In which Baby Items are you interested in? For what toy, decoration or useful thing would you like a pattern?

Vier einfache gehäkelte Greiflinge - Four simple crochet teething ring

Four simple crochet teething ring mit unterschiedlichen Farben

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