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Simple crochet Alice band

Posted on Tuesday June 2nd, 2015 at 06:00 PM in Crochet | 0 comments

Zwei gehäkelte Haarreifen - Two crocheted headbands

May was a month full of events. I didn’t crocheted much, but I had time for a small project. At the request of my little cousin I crocheted an Alice band. She wanted one in different shades of blue and when I had finished this one I decided to make one in reds.

Crocheted Aliceband in various shades of blue

Alice band in various shades of blue with buttons

The blue accessory was a simple thin hoop I crocheted around. For this purpose, crochet at the beginning in a magic ring five sc. Without increase continue working around. This creates a tube, in which the hoop is inserted. All five laps I changed the color. The many threads are not sewed in. They were lead through the tube for about 2cm and then cut.

Aliceband in various shades of red

Crochet Alice band in various shades of red embroidered with small pearls

The Headband in reds was crocheted with a correspondingly colored yarn. This Alice band was a difficult form. I started with a circle too, but I had to adapt increases and decreases of the mesh to the shape of the hairband.

Both headbands are simple and were enhanced by small eye catchers. The blue hoop has two beautiful buttons, and on the red one are small beads embroidered. Although they are almost in the same color as the yarn they sparkle nicely in the sunlight.

I hope that my cousin loves the two headbands and that you did like the little insight into my current project.

In the near future I will hopefully publish some new patterns. They have something to do with that old article, that inspired me.

Two different crocheted headbands

Two differently shaped Alice bands

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