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Crocheted Fish Squeaker – a free pattern

Posted on Tuesday March 15th, 2016 at 06:00 PM in Crochet | 0 comments

Zwei Fisch Quietscher - Two Fish Squeaker

I love crocheting fish. First the small fish applications and now a funny stuffed animal. I have been working on this free pattern for quite some time now. The result is this little Amigurumi: A crocheted fish squeaker. I think you’ll like it.

This baby toy has it all. In the fish is a squeaker which produces a short, high noises. I already told you that this is my favorite material to create Baby Stuff with. I love this short loud noise and it’s absolutely interesting for children. The small crocheted fish is great for little ones.

With or without fins, dots or stripes? With this small fish, anything is possible. What do you like? I love the nice dots. Quick crocheted, embellished and an embroidered face – the crocheted fish squeaker is ready.

You find the english pattern in this free PDF file: Fish Squeaker

Of course, you can use this Amigurumi fish not only as a squeaker. As you can see in the picture below I attached two on a mobile half ring. I’ll store this small fish Mobile in my gift box for future use. With a properly thick wool the fish squeaker pattern may also be used for crocheting a stuffed animal. What do you think?

Fish baby mobile

Amigurumi fish mobile baby toy

Zwei Fisch Quietscher - Two Fish Squeaker

Amigurumi fish squeaker baby toy



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