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Joyful Crochet Flower – a free pattern

Posted on Tuesday February 17th, 2015 at 06:00 PM in Crochet | 0 comments

Fünf Fröhliche Häkelblumen - Five Joyful Crochet Flowers

This colorful blossom is named Joyful Crochet Flower. It is easy to crochet and there are many ways to vary them. I put five variations in the free pattern you’ll find below. With a little creativity, you’ll probably have even more ideas.

The Joyful Crochet Flower consists of a simple basic-flower, which is varied with different colors and embellishments. I used crochet spirals, picots and air mesh bows, I sewed buttons on it and added dots with a lot of french knots into the center.

Of course, the Joyful Crochet Flower like most other crochet flowers can be used as an application. It is a nice ornament on a kids T-Shirt and they are a good addition on a notebook. I use this kind of crochet flowers also by sticking one on a card and add a nice comment or quote. This small gift is a nice gesture, or a thank you for friends and acquaintances.

Three Joyful Crochet Flowers

Three Joyful Crochet Flowers with different embellishments

You find the english pattern with crochet chart in this free PDF file: Joyful Crochet Flower.

What colorful flower do you like best? I am always happy about comments!

The Joyful Crochet Flower is the third in a series of articles that will appear on this blog. At the moment I am assuming that there will be a total of six or seven blog posts. So come by again!

All Joyful Crochet Flowers together

All Joyful Crochet Flowers together on linen fabric




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