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Crochet Blossoms on a Twine – a free pattern

Posted on Tuesday March 17th, 2015 at 06:00 PM in Crochet | 0 comments

Einige Häkelblüten um einen Stein gewickelt - Some crochet flowers wrapped around a stone

This flower is small, simple and in an elegant way connected with other flowers. The crochet flowers on a twine are spring-like, delicate garlands and pretty ornaments of the special kind.

Individually these flowers may seem a bit boring. However, in combination with the others it will be an effective decoration for the table or for the summer house party. With the cord small and larger items can be wrapped. I can imagine the garland as an embellishment of lamp bases or easy backs of chairs.

The small flowers are double layered and crocheted in back and front loops. The front leaves are slightly shorter and the result is a three-dimensional look. The orange and white string, which you can see in the pictures, is a paper cord. A double knot of this thread is the center of the flower.

You find the english pattern with crochet chart and step-by-step pictures in this free PDF file: Crochet Blossoms on a Twine.

Of course, this flower may have other stems, too. For example a green velvet ribbon. Also color changes are possible, as you can see here.

 Double layered crochet flower

Double layered crochet flower with blue and yellow yarn

Three green crochet flowers on a twine

Three green crochet flowers on a orange twine

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