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Spikeflower – zig-zag crochet flower

Posted on Saturday April 13th, 2013 at 09:08 AM in Crochet | 1 comment

Gehäkelte Zackenblume in unterschiedlichen Farben und Garn - crocheted Spikeflower with different colors and yarn

Today I am introducing you another crochet flower – the crocheted spikeflower, also called zig-zag crochet flower.

Anyone who has already crocheted a rose knows the underlying principle. A long crochet chain with different sized bows. But what if the gently curved arches are replaced with spikes? I started this experiment six months ago and these crochet spikeflowers are the result.

Three small, medium and large spikes are added to a chain. Using a needle, the chain stitches are sewn flower-shaped. Buttons work as a centerpiece, but a crochet knot is doing well too. To create it crochet three sc in a magic ring and pull it together. The two ends are then tied together and a small round center results.

Actually I am using two of my crochet spikeflowers as brooches, but they are quite decorative on bags, scarves and caps too.

You find the pattern of the zig-zag flower as written instructions with step-by-step pictures in this free PDF: Crocheted Spikeflower

1 Comment

  1. very nice, so smart to experiment with the rolled flower idea! great to have you on Craft Schooling Sunday!

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