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Modern crochet heart square

Posted on Friday May 30th, 2014 at 05:00 PM in Crochet | 5 comments

Modernes gehäkeltes Herz im Quadrat - Modern crochet heart square

Today I am going to show you a crochet project, that I have been working on for a while: a crochet square with a modern heart.

A year ago I presented you the free pattern of a modern crochet heart applique. An asymmetric heart, which is crocheted in two rounds and therefore is made ​​quite quickly.

Since then I am thinking about how to put this heart into a square. The biggest problems are the requirements that I have set myself: my goal is to bring the heart into a corner of the square, so it is asymmetrical, like the heart itself. And there should be no holes in the square. In this way the square could be used as part of a potholder as well as for a blanket.

So far I have tried to solve this problem by crocheting a square below and working the modern heart application on it. However, I’m still not pleased and will still be working on this crochet project for a while. Maybe you have an idea how it might work? Please comment below! Thank you!

Modern crochet heart square

Modern crochet heart square, a possibility


  1. Hola!Hermosos trabajos! Saludos desde Argentina! Analía!

  2. Great idea, it looks to me like you need another row in there before the last one to help get a straighter square, or in the last row, that bottom right hand corner needs to be constructed with double crochets. I have seen this idea done with the heart standing straight up, maybe look at one of those patterns for inspiration. Google “heart in a square crochet” Thanks for sharing on craft schooling Sunday!

    • Thanks for your suggestion! I tried Google but didn’t find something I could use. But the idea of another row is great!

  3. Wouldn’t you get rid of that hole in the center of the heart by using a ‘magic circle’?

    • Thanks for your comment – you are right, but I did use a magic ring. But because of the thickness of the yarn it’s not possible to close the hole completely 🙂

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