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Small bag with wooden beads

Posted on Friday November 1st, 2013 at 06:00 PM in Crochet | 0 comments

Eine kleine Tasche mit Perlen und Wellen Muster - A small bag with beads and wave pattern

This little bag is one of the crochet projects that I start without knowing the end. I experimented with blue and neon colored thread and quite a few wooden beads that I had never used before. The result was this small bag with wooden beads.

Row by row, I stitched a blue band on wich I added as the whim took me. It still looked a bit boring, so I took the neon colored yarn and crocheted criss-cross in curved lines all over it. The edge was made with the neon color and the small but good closure keeps the bag together quite well.

The closure is made with three loops, two on one side of the bag on the outside and one in the middle in front of the crocheted band. I think it is an interesting alternative to buttons or a zipper and it holds the two halves together as it should.

Der Verschluss des Perlentäschchens - The string of small beaded bag

Die Tasche wird mit einem Band geschlossen – The bag is closed with a band

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