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Small flower doily – a free pattern

Posted on Tuesday March 24th, 2015 at 06:00 PM in Crochet | 0 comments

Beiges Häkeldecken Nahaufnahme - beige crochet doily close up

This small doily is the final part of the flower blog post series. It is a exception, since the blossom is not on its own, but is the center of the crochet doily. The small flower doily consists of only a few rounds and is framed by a zig-zag edge.

The most important element of the flower, which is the center of the doily, are the stitches which are worked from the outside to the center of the flower. This creates a structure that achieves an effect both with different colored and with plain yarn.

Drei Versionen des kleinen Blumendeckchen - Three versions of the small flower doily

Three sizes of the small flower doily

As you can see different yarn has a direct impact on the size of the crochet doily. The Small flower doily may be useful as a coaster, the larger variants work already well on my small side table.

You find the english pattern with crochet chart in this free PDF file: Small Flower Doily.

I hope you like this flower doily, as well as the blog post series. The following week, there is a small addition in which you might be interested in. So come back!

Beige crochet doily

Beige flower crochet doily



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