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My experience with doubleface crochet

Posted on Friday January 10th, 2014 at 05:00 PM in Crochet | 1 comment

Doubleface Untersetzer - doubleface coaster

Today I want to write about an unusual technique : Doubleface crochet.

My experience with doubleface crochet was some time ago. The coaster, which can be seen in the pictures, was created using a very good guide from the bookThe Complete Photo Guide to Crochet by Margaret Hubert.

The result of the doubleface technique is great. The coaster is heavier than other crocheted fabric, the structure looks and feels good. However, there is one problem: the pattern is really complicated.

Despite a detailed illustrated and a written instruction I had some trouble with this coaster. As the name suggests, doubleface crochet means working in two layers. It consists of two filet grids, one inside the other. Of course I started this piece several times. Twisted yarn, incorrectly counted stitches and suchlike. But after working some rows, it was almost easy.

Doubleface crochet takes a lot of patience and I don’t recommend it for beginners. But for those who seek to deepen their hand working skills and do not give up easily, you should absolutely try this technique. I am certainly looking forward to repeat this experience.

Doubleface häkeln - doubleface crochet

Doubleface crochet, the structure, close-up

1 Comment

  1. Thanks for sharing your experience! This technique looks really interesting and sounds very challenging, I’ll check out the book at once!

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