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My crochet patterns are free

Posted on Tuesday April 5th, 2016 at 06:00 PM in Crochet | 0 comments

A special crochet motif - ein besonderes Häkelmotiv

Many years ago I started crocheting. The first thing I ever crocheted was a handbag. A strange oval turned into a large green-red-yellow monster. Today I it’s rarely used item, but I still own it of course. What does this anecdote has to do with my crochet patterns being free? I’ll try to explain.

At that time I crocheted without goal and when I finally knew what it should be I pottered further without a plan. That was a lot of fun, I have crocheted for hours and it relaxed me immensely. Today I crochet new things still free, but I have a goal and pen and paper beside me to take notes. Thus many patterns have been created. The creative process to design something new and to document the whole, transfer it to the computer and publish on mycrochetprojects is always exciting.

I understand the creative designer of fascinating crochet objects who want money for their work. It is a lot of effort, it can be exhausting and it takes a long time to complete. However, my crochet patterns are free. Firstly, I believe that I still have to invest more time in my instructions. There are sometimes minor mistakes, I have no one testing my crochet patterns and I design usually small things as appliques and little objects. Secondly, I am always excited about how many great crochet patterns are available on the Internet, provided by fellow bloggers for free. I am pleased to be able to make my contribution. It is a creative community in which I am happy to participate.

My way of crocheting has changed a lot since my first crochet project. One thing that has not changed is my enthusiasm to work creatively. Meanwhile, crocheting is complex, thrilling and sometimes difficult. But that’s why I like to crochet. My crochet patterns are free because I love what I do. I want you to use the instructions and enjoy crocheting.

An unusual crochet motif

An unusual crochet motif

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