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Which yarn do you like most to crochet with?

Posted on Tuesday August 9th, 2016 at 05:00 PM in Crochet | 0 comments

Gelb Grün Weiß - Yellow Green White

Yarn and wool are available in many variations. Nevertheless, you realize soon what kind you like best. Well, that was the case with me and I do not want to deviate again from these sorts. Which yarn do you like most to crochet with?

I have special preferences and dislikes. So I really like cotton yarns but I am very reluctant crocheting with pure polyester wool. It does not feel right. And I don’t like fluffy wool, that is used to crochet scarves.

I usually choose the matching wool according to the project I’m working on. If you have already looked at other articles on this blog I’m sure you know my favorites. However, I believe that I have never introduced them.

My favourite crochet yarn:

The Catania yarn by Schachenmayr is great for applications, toys and other small items. I have used it for the fish crochet appliques, the Crochet Baby Toy Set ‘Granny Square’ and the Pompom Crochet Coasters.

I discovered Catania Grande late. But the colors have convinced me immediately. These potholders are just great right?

I use the thin cotton thread by Hanna Cable for even finer, precious things. There is a large range of colors and it therefore allows great crocheting small Amigurumi e.g. the duck and the green cow. Even delicate decorations and crochet doilies turn out beautiful.

What are your top three crochet yarns? Which yarn is your least favourite and why? I’d love your comment!

Braun Rot Beige - Brown Red Beige

Thin crochet yarn



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