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Classic Car Crochet Applique – a free pattern

Posted on Tuesday November 1st, 2016 at 04:00 PM in Crochet | 2 comments

Gehäkelte Oldtimer Auto Applikation - Crochet oldtimer car applique

There are many crochet appliques. I think there exist generally more for girls: unicorns, hearts, bows and flowers in all variations. Boys crochet appliques are rare e.g. tractors, airplanes or UFOs. The new applique, I want to show you today is more suited for boys clothes and maybe makes the dad happy. After all, it’s not just some small car. No, it’s a Classic Car crochet applique and you can download the free pattern here.

Gehäkelte Oldtimer Auto Applikation - Crochet oldtimer car applique

Crochet oldtimer car appliques

As you probably know, I like appliques very much. They are versatile, fast and easily crocheted and a nice decoration. Crocheted appliques can be used as table decorations, attached to towels or other other sewn items. They are the little something, that makes a gift special.

The Classic Car Crochet Applique is ideally suited for clothing of little boys or as a part of a quiet book. A sewn book with crochet appliques for touching and cuddling.

This vintage car applique is special. Its frontal perspective seems very much alive. You can enhance this effect by adding pupils to the headlights. You could stitch a French Knot or use some little black buttons.

You find the english pattern with crochet chart in this free PDF file: Classic Car Crochet Applique

The Classic Car Crochet Applique is complex and consists of several parts. It is worth the extra effort and even suited for beginners with a little patience. I crocheted the vintage car in green, orange and red. I look forward to see your versions!

Gehäkelte Oldtimer Auto Applikation - Crochet oldtimer car applique

Three crochet car appliques



  1. Das sind total süße Autos! Ich frage mich gerade, ob sie mir gelingen würden, wenn ich mich an sie heranwage… irgendwie kribbelt es mir in den Fingern es zu versuchen 🙂
    Liebe Grüße

    • Hi Natalia,
      Natürlich würden sie Dir gelingen! Sie sind nicht so kompliziert wie sie vielleicht aussehen. Hoffentlich ist die Anleitung gut verständlich. Falls nicht melde Dich! Ich beantworte gerne Deine Fragen!
      Liebe Grüße

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