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Oriental Fantasy Doily – Experience with a thrilling pattern

Posted on Friday December 20th, 2013 at 05:00 PM in Crochet | 1 comment

Mitte des Deckchens Oriental Fantasy - Middle of the oriental fantasy doily

It’s hard to believe (at least for not crocheting people) crocheting doilys can be fun. Really! I got used to questions (e.g. “You crochet a white doily? Really?”) during working with this pattern. You can find the Oriental Fantasy Doily by Celt’s Vintage Crochet here.

The pattern of this adorable doily was quite hard to understand – especially as a non-native speaker. There were some abbreviations and terms (What’s a point?) I didn’t know. But I’m happy I made it and the great outcome speaks for itself.

On the one hand it was very relaxing to work on this doily. The rounds grew quickly and I developed a routine. On the other hand, the details, especially in the middle of the Oriental Fantasy doily and the unusual stitches were exciting (tr, long chains as joints).

Unfortunately, the yarn wasn’t enough, but I did a little fiddling and worked last row earlier. So my version is smaller (approximately half the diameter) than the original, but still big enough to put it on a small side table.

I totally recommend this pattern!

Oriental Fantasy Deckchen kleine Version - Oriental Fantasy doily small version

Oriental Fantasy doily small version on a table

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  1. Beautiful !!!

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