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Round Granny Square Rattle for babies – a free pattern

Posted on Tuesday November 3rd, 2015 at 06:00 PM in Crochet | 0 comments

Runde Granny Rassel - Round Granny Rattle

The first Granny Square rattle is followed by the second one. The Round Granny Square Rattle for babies is simple, crocheted quickly and has a loud rattling, ringing soud.

The exterior of the rattle consists of two crocheted circles wich seem similar to the familiar Granny Squares . However, in contrast to the traditional pattern it is mainly composed of half double crochet (hdc) meshes.

In this round baby toy is a rattle insert, which is specially made for baby toys. It is about 1,5inch in diameter and has a really good sound.

Gehäkelte Runde "Granny" Rassel - Crocheted Round Granny Rattle

Crocheted Round Granny Rattle with round noise maker insert

You find the english pattern with crochet chart in this free PDF file: Round Granny Square Rattle

Last week I published a very similar Granny Square Kinder Surprise Rattle.

Why did I design and publish another version?
First of all, the Round Granny Square Rattle is crocheted more quickly and is easily assembled. In addition, the interior of the round Granny Square baby rattle is standardized and can be bought in many shops. Unlike the Kinder Surprise plastic parts. They are probably difficult to obtain in the United States, since the classic Kinder Surprise isn’t sold there.

Zwei verschiedene Rasseln mit Granny Häkelquadraten - Two rattles with crocheted granny squares

Two rattles with crocheted granny squares, with Kinder Surprise and round rattle insert

Runde Granny Rassel - Round Granny Rattle

Crochet Round Granny Rattle



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