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Do you gift self-made presents?

Posted on Tuesday June 21st, 2016 at 04:45 PM in Crochet | 0 comments

Gehäkelte Topflappen ein farbenfrohes Geschenk - Crocheted Potholder a colorful present

Homemade gifts. This is a topic I wanted to address for some time now. The opinions vary a lot. I myself am not sure what to think. How is it with you? Do you gift self-made presents?

Everybody who likes crafting, crocheting, knitting or sewing knows the question: What do I do next? Do I need something? A blanket, a shawl or a potholder? To equip itself is fun, shows individuality and creates memories. The individual pieces become part of your own home and wardrobe. What happens when you have everything you want (twice)?

It’s time to share the joy of your craft with relatives and friends.

In the best case, the other person likes what you did for yourself and wants something similar for the next birthday or Christmas. Then I start planning and creating full of enthusiasm.

These two objects were crocheted this way. A stole for my mother and a warm headband for my little sister:

Did you ever get something, you simply do not need? Self made Christmas decorations or a bizarre scarf? I do not want to say that I am not happy about those things! I know it was a lot of work and is meant truly loving. However, some homemade items you just can’t use.

So I try to gift things that the other person may actually need. Actually every relativ gets a pair of potholders when they move into a new apartment. Sounds boring right? But especially potholders are something very versatile. With or without motive, writing or an exciting range of colors. That remains always interesting to crochet.

I try to meet the personality of the recipient. Recently, my sister in law got a classic potholder pattern in many bright colors. But for the pair I’m creating for her sister, I use a mandala pattern in different shades of red. That’s her favorite color.

Gehäkelter Topflappen Nahaufnahme - Colorful Potholder Macro Shot

Colorful Potholder

But sometimes I crochet things I always wanted to try and then it has no use for me. Do you know this?
Last November I tried to crochet a massage soap. The idea is fun and I wanted to see if I can do it. It worked and the result was beautiful. But who knows me knows: I do not like soap bars. Conveniently, Christmas was not far, my grandma loves hand soap and so I already had a small gift.

Gehäkelte Massage Seife - Crocheted Massage Soap

Massage Soap

Since several years I have a gift box. In this box are many little things I crocheted or crafted. And if there’s an opportunity, I’ll get it from the closet and look through to see if there’s something for the other person.

The most important thing in my opinion is to gift homemade things with careful thought – matching person and occasion.

My friends appreciate my crocheted little things and I am very happy about it. But too much Homemade would be strange for them, too. I want to avoid gifting inappropriate and impractical things. Hopefully I continue to succeed in the future.

Your opinion on the subject matters! I am really interested. Do you agree or disagree? Did I forget some aspects? What do you think?

Zwei farbenfrohe Topflappen - Two Colorful Potholder

Crocheted Colorful Potholder

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