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Felted mates – a small christmas present

Posted on Friday December 13th, 2013 at 05:00 PM in Nocrochet | 2 comments

Braunes Filzmännchen - Brown felted mate

Only a few weeks until Christmas. This season is traditionally time of crafting, baking and decorating. A tradition I realy like. However, besides work and family I do not often have the chance for all that stuff. I’ll show you some of my small projects, which do not take much time, and yet give impressive decorations or small gifts.

A whole afternoon I spent crafting small felted mates. The elves are about two centimeters tall and fit in a matchbox.

The production is simple. A paper cord reinforced with wire is cut into 3 centimeters each. Three of those pieces are twistet with each other and form the skeleton. As hands and feet, four small wooden beads are used ( fixed with craft glue). After that cut a piece of felt as a  cape (pattern),  add it at  the body, and attace the head. Finally, just sew the hat together. Done 🙂

The instructions and the sewing pattern as free PDF-file: Sewing pattern and instructions felted mates.

Zwei Filzmännchen im Wald - Two felted mates in the forest

Two felted mates in the forest, red and blue


  1. So cute – love these

  2. These gnomes are so cute! I also love this time of year… I crafted like crazy, and so many of them is still unfinished…
    Wish you a nice day,

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