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Cacti in small mason jars

Posted on Saturday November 17th, 2012 at 11:00 AM in Nocrochet | 0 comments

Kaktus in kleinem Einmachglas mit Stein - Cactus in a small mason jar with a stone

Preperation and tutorial:

On a beautiful late summer day, I was finally able to realize a repotting project: Miniature landscapes in small jars with tiny cacti.

The procedure is very simple. I prepared a table with all the materials: the tiny offshoot of a succulent or cactus, small stones, rough and fine sand and finally some decoration stones, shells and shell fragments.

As can be seen in the Step-by-step photo in the gallery, the material is placed in the jars. The pebbles are covered with coarse sand and fine sand is piled on. Press the cactus carefully into the sand and then the mason jar can be decorated with tiny stones or shells.


The finished cacti-in-small-mason-jars are displayed in the next gallery. But there were other containers at disposal this afternoon. Next week I’ll show you more results of this crafty afternoon with broken dishes and a large glass bowl.

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