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polymer clay nest earrings

Posted on Saturday March 16th, 2013 at 11:00 AM in Nocrochet | 0 comments

Fimo Nest Ohrring - polymer clay nest earring

These earrings are enjoying great popularity among children. In fact I didn’t notice the resemblance to a bird’s nest, but children often ask, “Did you do the nest yourself?” or “Do you have a bird?”. Since then, I call them polymer clay “nests” too – and no I don’t have a matching bird.

First the colors are selected or color mixtures are prepared. I take two colors and knead the clay until a beautiful grain is produced. After kneading, one color is formed into a long string or a narrow band, divide it with a knife in the middle and form several balls in a different color too. Press the half of the balls carefully together and wrap the string tight around them. Finally place a hole with a toothpick at a suitable position.

I put every polymer clay earring on a glass plate and put it in the oven according to manufacturer’s instructions. After the mass is cold, a ring and an ear hook is attached to the nest.

You’ll find the english description and a step-by-step collage in this free PDF-file: polymer clay nest earrings english tutorial

This article is the sixth part of a series about my polymer clay earrings, I design for the past several years. Even though I normally do not have a talent with delicate forms, I still love crafting them.

The nice thing about making polymer clay jewelry is that you can to take your time. I often leave the earrings for several days on the glass plate and fill it piece by piece until I finally put it in the oven.

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