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Polymer clay tower earrings

Posted on Saturday February 23rd, 2013 at 11:00 AM in Nocrochet | 0 comments

Fimo Turm Ohrring- polymer clay tower earring

The tower earrings are one of the newest ideas I have realized. The basic principle is very simple but there are many possible variations.

First the colors are selected or color mixtures are prepared. I take two colors and knead the clay until a beautiful grain is produced. After kneading, the mass is formed into a thin band. This ribbon is cut into many small pieces, which are placed on the eyepin. There are many different design options. The pieces may consist of different colors (as you can see in the step-by-step tutorial), they can be cut square or triangular or shaped into round plates.

I put every polymer clay earring on a glass plate and put it in the oven according to manufacturer’s instructions. After the mass is cold, the eyepin can be turned into a loop and an ear hook is attached to the polymer clay tower earring.

You’ll find the english description and a step-by-step collage in this free PDF-file: polymer clay tower earrings

This article is the third part of a series about my polymer clay earrings, I design for the past several years. Even though I normally do not have a talent with delicate forms, I still love crafting them.

The nice thing about making polymer clay jewelry is that you can to take your time. I often leave the earrings for several days on the glass plate and fill it piece by piece until I finally put it in the oven.

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